How it works

Colour the grid by placing the spawned piece next to a piece in the grid with either the same shape or colour. This rule applies to all adjacent pieces on the grid.
Once a row has been filled it will clear. On placing a piece the underlying block changes colour. Once all blocks on the grid have changed colour the level is complete.


A selection of themes is available to choose from. Changing the theme will change the pieces to place and the background of the grid.

Trash Can

When the next piece cannot be placed anywhere on the board it can be trashed by dropping it in the Trash Can.

Speed Mode

The Speed game limits the time for completing a level. Placing a piece adds time to the timer and clearing a row adds even more. The faster the pieces are placed, the slower the time will run out. Even though the trash can has unlimited space, time is taken from the timer when a piece is trashed.

The Wildcard

The Wildcard will spawn on a random timer. This piece can substitute any shape or colour required, however must still be placed next to another piece. The Wildcard cannot be used on a Puzzle Piece.

The Puzzle Piece

A puzzle piece is a shape - with no colour - that spawns on the grid. In order to colour the underlying block the puzzle piece needs to be removed first.
To do this, fill the puzzle piece by placing the required shape on top. The rule of adjacent colour and shape still applies to the piece being placed.


Ten points are awarded when placing a piece on a non-coloured block. Once the block is coloured any subsequent placements will not award any points.

Fifty points are awarded for clearing a row - every time it is cleared.
Trashing a piece costs 10 points.

Puzzle Mode

Playing in puzzle mode gives you unlimited time. The trash can only has space for five pieces though. Placing a piece makes space for another one in the trash. The game is over when the trash can is full.

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